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Based in the North West, Hartson Border Collies are part of a very active family.

They train in both agility and obedience, attending weekly training classes, as well trick training from home. 

Myself and my daughter are animal enthusiasts, and take every care in all we own. I work as a stables manager from home, meaning my hours are flexible and puppies are able to have all necessary consistent supervision. My daughter, Jodie, is a student veterinary nurse, and spends a lot of her time training the collies. 

Breeding has always been of a big interest to us, however, we wanted to ensure we were breeding at the perfect time, and as Rita has matured, she has proven herself to be the perfect bitch to breed from. She has only made us want our own puppy from her, with her super drive and work ethic, but also her fun, loving character.

All puppies will leave our home having received the best possible care and socialisation. We believe that the Puppy Culture Programme is suitable for any puppy, and can assist with the perfect upbringing. Every puppy will have one on one time regularly as well as with other people and fellow siblings. Here at Hartson, we have a suitable environment being able to allow all puppies to see animals from sheep and chickens to horses before they leave for their new homes, obviously all with the focus on the safety and health of the puppies. 

We feel that every puppy should only go on to active/sporting/agility homes, where they are able to reach their full potentials. The border collie breed is highly intelligent and active and they need homes that they are able to thrive from. 

To summarise at Hartson Border Collies, we are one big family, we all contribute to the very best upbringing for each and every puppy, aiming to ensure they leave our home a confident, content, loving and playful puppy, ready for their exciting lives ahead of them. 

Rita, Bonnie and Skye
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